Chad Blonde Beard Guy Meme

The gif appeared in a mashable post identifying the sources of popular gifs on august 20th 2013.

Chad blonde beard guy meme. Bro explaining refers to a photograph of a man wearing sunglasses and a houston astros shirt talking to a blonde woman in a white top. On october 23rd 2011 a facebook page for hide the pain harold was created. Warrior soldier also known as feels guy is an internet meme an image depicted as a simple black outlined cartoon drawing of a bald wistful looking man it is used to generically express emotions such as melancholy regret or loneliness.

It also appeared in a whatshouldwecallme post on june 27th 2012 shown below right. Circulated since 2011 in march 2020 the image gained. Similar to the term normies chad.

Chad thundercock is a nickname for any attractive popular men who are sexually successful with women. Meme status submission year 2011 origin unknown tags bro sunglasses explaining bro tales sports match talking blonde woman piximus masipopal keeflynch danyallstar15 nanchoinventado about. Prior to being posted on youtube the gif circulated online as early as 2012.

One of the earliest extant posts featuring the gif was posted to funnyjunk on april 3rd 2012 shown below left. This was titled maurice his alternate name and has over 10k likes on may 5th 2014 harold s stock photos inspired a lengthy tribute thread on 4chan s b crafting a fictional story about an unhappy old man working as a stock photography model. Meme status confirmed year unknown origin 4chan tags alpha beta sociology r9k 4chan chad thundercock oogahboogah invicticide ian n jayester chad slang alek minassian elliot rodger additional references twitter urban dictionary wikipedia about.

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